Got A Ticket - Very bad study and exam setup and rip off your money

San Diego, California 0 comments

It's bad enough to receive a traffic violation ticket.This online traffic school tried to rip off my money while I try to fulfill my ticket requirement.

I paid the basic package. However, on every slide, it prompted me to upgrade, which will cost $10-20 more. The study was poorly written. The key points are over the places, and is not in a concise and easy-to-understand format.

Let's face it, who will have time to read thru those hours of studies in details and try to find the key words for answers. In their advertisement, they claim everyone will pass and it's easy. However, they only gave you 2 chances for the Final, and they changed the final version as well.

I felt this website just wants to make money out of desperate people.DMV should take it off of their approved list.

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